RSVP On Time, and You Just May Win Something!

By Lisa Swain

As a kid, I remember learning the meaning of RSVP the first time I received an invitation to a Birthday Party.  I showed the invitation to my Mom and she explained to me that RSVP stood for the French phrase Répondez s’il vous plait, meaning “Please respond” or “Reply if you please.”  Of course more often than not, I would always reply “Yes.” Who wouldn’t want to attend a Birthday Party, especially when there would be cake, ice cream, party favors and games with prizes to be won?  Someone else did all the work of organizing the party.  All I had to do was show up with the present paid for by my parents.

Fast forward to the present.  We all have limited time due to our busy schedules. As Corresponding Secretary, I’m responsible for sending out the Punchbowl invitations for our Dinner Meetings, and turning in the headcount to The Elks.  Please look for the Punchbowl invitations each month and respond as promptly as you’re able to.  I’m not offended if anyone replies “No”; it is more important that I have an accurate count in order to plan the Dinner Meetings.  If you respond “Yes” within the first 10 days after the Punchbowl invitation has been sent, you will receive a free ticket for our raffle at the Dinner Meeting, and you just may end up winning a nice prize!

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