Vocational Speakers

September Vocational Speaker Spotlight

Each month, an ABWA Verdugo-Glen member presents a glimpse of what their profession, business, industry, and passion is all about during a short vocational presentation. These vocational speakers give other members the opportunity to learn about industries and professions they might not be aware of and members are eager to learn more about different professions that they might be interested in. Vocational Speakers sometimes turn into ‘Motivational Speakers’, as they tell members of how they came to their present success through hard work, tough times, and sometimes just being in the right place at the right time. Attending meetings will give members and guests an idea of the depth and breadth of our membership’s diversity. View our August Newsletter to learn about last month’s speaker.

September’s Vocational Speaker is Rondi Springer, a Glendale native born at Glendale Adventist who currently resides in Glendale. Rondi has three children she is very proud of. Her oldest is Joe the doctor, in the middle is Mark the lawyer, and Cami is the youngest at 14. Rondi is also a proud grandmother to her son Joe’s and Marina’s daughter, Sasha. Rondi recently graduated from UCLA with her accounting certificate. She has a Master’s degree in Accountancy and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Rondi has sit for and passed the CPA exam and is now prepping for the IRS Enrolled Agent exam. She is the Treasurer for the Women’s City Club of Pasadena and works as a freelance accountant and bookkeeper.

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– Catherine Praeger, Newsletter Editor