Spreading ABWA

Spread ABWA and Grow as you do!

Being a part of the American Business Women’s Association not only gives us the opportunity to learn and grow within our chapters, but within our communities. Being involved with community organizations outside ABWA is a great way to spread the ABWA way as well as improve interpersonal skills such as networking, public speaking, and general knowledge of businesses throughout the community.

Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Did you know that ABWA Verdugo-Glen sponsors two members each month who wish to participate in the City of Glendale Chamber of Commerce Mixers? These mixers are a great place to spread the ABWA way and promote the Verdugo-Glen Chapter and the ABWA organization to local business people. These events are held on the third Wednesday of each month from 5:30 through 7:30 p.m.

Lynn White-Shelby has created a sign up form for the next few mixer dates. If you are interested, please fill your name in the slot you’d like and turn it into Lynn at LynnWS@msn.com or at our Next Chapter Meeting on September 25, 2013 where we’ll be discussing the Affordable Care Act implementation with Adam J. Carter, District Representative.

If you aren’t an ABWA member yet, why wait? Click here for information about joining our organization!

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– Catherine Praeger, Newsletter Editor