Successful Events! – The ABWA Council of Southern California’s ‘Hats Off to Togetherness’ Luncheon

The September 7th event went off without a hitch! The event celebrated ABW Day, Honored District VI VP Bryna Dambrowski , and a National Office Candidate Forum was held. Read what attendees had to say about the event!

Congratulations to The ABWA Council of Southern California! The “Hats Off To Togetherness” Luncheon on Saturday, September 7th was an outstanding event! The success of this Luncheon was a direct result of the great planning and hard work by Cecile Harris Walters, Dr. Kella Price and all the chairs of the Council! Record attendance and so many current and past national officers gave everyone present an opportunity to see ABWA at its BEST!

Marjorie Davis, 1965-1966 ABWA National President

I want to thank ABWA Council of Southern California for a fantastic luncheon “Hats Off Luncheon”. It was nice hearing and seeing the candidates running for National office along with those that already hold a position in National office. The testimonials were touching as much as they were inspiring. Thank you Diamonds of Southbay for giving me the opportunity to experience this event. Looking forward to a productive and exciting year.

Fatisha Griggs

Congratulations to the ABWA Council of Southern California for a very successful and well attended Hat’ Off to Togetherness Event celebrating ABW Day, Candidates Forum and Honoring our District VI VP Bryna Dambrowski. Also, congratulations to our Woman of the Year – Susan Villiotti, very deserving. Planning began just a short six months ago, through the “collective works” of the entire Council working diligently with the Committee members whose passion and commitment to ABWA and the Council surely shined last Saturday. For some the journey began from other states/districts of ABWA to honor us with their presence and others from throughout the State of California. VIP shuttle services from airports began early on Friday, early risers on Saturday to ensure that the logistics for the day were in order and the welcome team was in place, to the last toast to the day’s success, and back again with the VIP shuttle to thank and wishing those safe travel. ABWA members go beyond the expectation and continue to inspire me and others to greatness. Thank you to all of our dynamic members of the American Business Women’s Association.

Cecile Walters

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– Catherine Praeger, Newsletter Editor