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National Leadership Conference Report

By Ardis Bazyn

I recently attended the National Leadership Conference for American Business Womens Association in Lancaster PA. It was a rewarding conference and I learned many tips I can share with my clients. Some classes I attended covered topics in operational management, business fraud, and behavioral management. I received enough credits to receive my MBA Certificate, a four year process. Please contact me to learn more about classes and opportunities with ABWA.
Ardis Bazyn

Make the Impossible Possible”

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RSVP On Time, and You Just May Win Something!

By Lisa Swain

As a kid, I remember learning the meaning of RSVP the first time I received an invitation to a Birthday Party.  I showed the invitation to my Mom and she explained to me that RSVP stood for the French phrase Répondez s’il vous plait, meaning “Please respond” or “Reply if you please.”  Of course more often than not, I would always reply “Yes.” Who wouldn’t want to attend a Birthday Party, especially when there would be cake, ice cream, party favors and games with prizes to be won?  Someone else did all the work of organizing the party.  All I had to do was show up with the present paid for by my parents.

Fast forward to the present.  We all have limited time due to our busy schedules. As Corresponding Secretary, I’m responsible for sending out the Punchbowl invitations for our Dinner Meetings, and turning in the headcount to The Elks.  Please look for the Punchbowl invitations each month and respond as promptly as you’re able to.  I’m not offended if anyone replies “No”; it is more important that I have an accurate count in order to plan the Dinner Meetings.  If you respond “Yes” within the first 10 days after the Punchbowl invitation has been sent, you will receive a free ticket for our raffle at the Dinner Meeting, and you just may end up winning a nice prize!

2018 Top Ten Business Women of ABWA Recognition

By Ardis Bazyn

As the current Verdugo Glen Top Ten ABWA Woman of the Year nominee, I want to encourage other chapter member to strive to meet the Eligibility Requirements for the upcoming year. After hearing speeches the last few years at National Conferences, I know so many women in ABWA have very successful careers and volunteer for many worthwhile organizations. I appreciate the opportunity to compete with so many other successful and diverse women. The Judging Form gives up to 30 points for the member’s ABWA Profile, up to 15 points for Education, up to 30 points for Professional Accomplishments, up to 20 points for Career/Personal Goals, up to 20 points for Community Service, a possible total of 115 points. To even be considered for this prestigious award, the member must at minimum: be a female and currently employed (part or full-time; have been a member in good standing for at least three consecutive years as of May 15; have a primary affiliation with the sponsoring league for at least one year as of May 15; have served on the National Board of Directors and/or on the National/Regional Conference Team and/or served as an officer, committee chair, league advisor for her primary league since 2014; have sponsored at least three members since 2014; have earned at least one Apex Award as of May 15; and have attended at least one nationally sponsored ABWA event (Regional Conference and/or the National Women’s Leadership Conference) since 2014. All nominees for the Top Ten Business Women of ABWA will receive a ribbon and certificate.

ABWA has recognized hundreds of women for the coveted Top Ten Business Women of ABWA award since its inception in 1953. This award is intended to underscore a member’s professional accomplishments (career advancement and academic achievement), contributions to her community and engagement in ABWA. The Top Ten Business Women of ABWA are selected by three business women from the Kansas City area, whereas the American Business Woman of ABWA is selected by a panel of peers at the National Women’s Leadership Conference. All Top Ten Business Women of ABWA are recognized at the annual National Women’s Leadership Conference.

To sponsor an applicant for this prestigious award: A league must be a chartered league in good standing for a minimum of one year. A league must select an applicant that has a primary affiliation in their league. A league must submit a copy of the league’s meeting minutes reflecting their sponsorship of the Top Ten applicant. Her application must be signed by a league’s officer and the Top Ten Nominating Committee Chair. Submission must be postmarked on or before May 15.

Message from Ardis – ABWA-VG President

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great holiday season and have a very Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to a positive new year with great networking and relationship building. Please do check our ABWA VerdugoGlen website as well as the national site for updates and new offerings. Also, remember this year’s ABWA Spring Conference is in Long Beach, CA. You can reserve your room now and register for the conference online. We have two great speakers coming in January and February and plans are underway for the months to come. Also, start thinking about our spring fashion show on April 1.

January 25, 2017
Speaker: Kim Somers Egelsee
Topic: Stepping Into Positive Power for 2017

You’ll learn positive communication, tools for life balance and stress relief, and tips for exuding confidence in every interaction. Plus, a goal setting method to break through your fear and doubt.

Website: www.kimlifecoach.com

February 22, 2017
From “No” to “Let’s Go!” in 5 Easy Steps by Mike Mataraza

What would it do for your business if you could close faster, better and easier, because you knew the selling secrets of the top 5% of salespeople in the world? Find out in this amazing workshop based on Mike’s bestselling book!

Mike covers topics such as:

  1. The psychology of selling like a champion
  2. Reading a client’s personality type and adjusting your presentation to them
  3. Prospecting techniques that will have your clients chasing you instead of you having to chase them
  4. Strategies for tripling your referrals
  5. How to quickly and easily overcome any objection and more!

As always, let the board know of local networking opportunities we can pass along. See you soon.

Ardis Bazyn

Make the Impossible Possible”

For inspirational speaking, business coaching, or books: http://www.bazyncommunications.com


Focus on the “Now”

By Xiomar Escobar

Time flies. Summer’s over, fall has arrived and it’s going to be 2017 soon. When I have a ton to do and very little time, anxiety creeps up, doubts come, and I can feel my stress begin to rise.

Whenever I feel this way, I take a moment to reflect on the little things that have been accomplished this year, and a realization comes to mind. The wall that is my life’s work is built day by day and brick by brick. Some bricks are larger or stronger than others, but each day another brick is laid.

When I focus on the “Now” rather than on the past or the future, it’s not so overwhelming. The now brings happiness and such joy to life. There is something almost soothing about accomplishing a little something each and everyday.  It’s easy to focus so heavily on the path ahead that we don’t take time to notice the little stepping stones along the way.  These small steps may seem like little achievements to some, but it’s those small achievements made every single day that contribute to our overall success. Best of all, focusing on these small achievements lowers stress levels and escalates morale, helping bring out inner beauty.

This summer allowed me to enjoy more of the natural beauty California has to offer.  From beaches to amusement parks to county fairs, and food excursions to conventions. I’ve really had time to enjoy all the things that surround me every day.  But more importantly, every day I try to accomplish something meaningful. Even if it’s something small only noticed by the Karma Wheel in the sky, it makes my days fulfilled and drives me forward. For example, building relationships with the women in ABWA   (Verdugo Glen Chapter) has been a blessing. Not only because I have expanded my knowledge with the spotlighted speakers we get to learn and get inspired by every month, but by the smiles and welcoming spirits these women have.

Whether through online social networking or face-to-face contact, women are meeting, connecting,  and sharing in ways that men often shy away from. The result is lasting relationships that are the building blocks of future job placements, sales leads and partnerships. In an effort to personalize professional networking, women normally try to create connections or friendships.  In many cases this give-and-then-take style of networking builds long-lasting relationships.  Connecting with intention is what your “tribe” should look like while adding value to the relationship. Being a part of ABWA can help by building our businesses and our networks.  We are here to learn, reach out to each other as thought-partners and have more access to best practices within our industry and community.

As fall is here, I reflect on the upcoming season of warmth and celebration. Fall is a season of balancing light and dark, letting go, and accepting the impermanence of things. May autumn bring you hope, love, inspiration, and courage.

Are you stressed about the future or focusing on accomplishing the little things? Tell us under the comments below.