7 Steps To Getting Unstuck in Your Business Fast…

Posted by Ardis Bazyn, President of ABWA Verdugo Glen Chapter

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Imagine being stuck in your business for months or even years, and never finding the solutions necessary to breakthrough those limitations.

Unfortunately, this is the case for so many entrepreneurs…

They stay bottlenecked in their business and this causes stress, frustration, and many other problems within the business.

With that said…

How do you know which adjustments will be most effective for your business?

Here’s 7-steps that’ll help:

  1.  Review the services you’re providing and see if it’s really what the client wants, or if it’s something you think they want or need.
  2.  Look for ways you can provide more value to your client.
  3.  Find ways to duplicate your process, so you can pass certain tasks to a potential teammate.
  4.  Seek mentorship from those that have accomplished your desired result.
  5.  Let go of services and products that aren’t selling or serving your clients to the highest ability.
  6.  Stay hyper-focused on one to two offers max.
  7.  Spend majority of your time in marketing and sales, and not so much time on the building phase.

These small adjustments allowed our company to go from $100 K per month to over $300 K per month, by shifting our focus to our client’s needs.

Ask yourself this question…

“What’s the greatest result that I can provide to my clients,” then take that, and package the best transformational service that’ll serve them best.

I hope this insight will help you get unstuck and ultimately help you accomplish your goals.

P.S. Once you realize which shifts need to be made, it’ll allow you to put the processes in place to begin executing them. You got this!

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