2018 Top Ten Business Women of ABWA Recognition

By Ardis Bazyn

As the current Verdugo Glen Top Ten ABWA Woman of the Year nominee, I want to encourage other chapter member to strive to meet the Eligibility Requirements for the upcoming year. After hearing speeches the last few years at National Conferences, I know so many women in ABWA have very successful careers and volunteer for many worthwhile organizations. I appreciate the opportunity to compete with so many other successful and diverse women. The Judging Form gives up to 30 points for the member’s ABWA Profile, up to 15 points for Education, up to 30 points for Professional Accomplishments, up to 20 points for Career/Personal Goals, up to 20 points for Community Service, a possible total of 115 points. To even be considered for this prestigious award, the member must at minimum: be a female and currently employed (part or full-time; have been a member in good standing for at least three consecutive years as of May 15; have a primary affiliation with the sponsoring league for at least one year as of May 15; have served on the National Board of Directors and/or on the National/Regional Conference Team and/or served as an officer, committee chair, league advisor for her primary league since 2014; have sponsored at least three members since 2014; have earned at least one Apex Award as of May 15; and have attended at least one nationally sponsored ABWA event (Regional Conference and/or the National Women’s Leadership Conference) since 2014. All nominees for the Top Ten Business Women of ABWA will receive a ribbon and certificate.

ABWA has recognized hundreds of women for the coveted Top Ten Business Women of ABWA award since its inception in 1953. This award is intended to underscore a member’s professional accomplishments (career advancement and academic achievement), contributions to her community and engagement in ABWA. The Top Ten Business Women of ABWA are selected by three business women from the Kansas City area, whereas the American Business Woman of ABWA is selected by a panel of peers at the National Women’s Leadership Conference. All Top Ten Business Women of ABWA are recognized at the annual National Women’s Leadership Conference.

To sponsor an applicant for this prestigious award: A league must be a chartered league in good standing for a minimum of one year. A league must select an applicant that has a primary affiliation in their league. A league must submit a copy of the league’s meeting minutes reflecting their sponsorship of the Top Ten applicant. Her application must be signed by a league’s officer and the Top Ten Nominating Committee Chair. Submission must be postmarked on or before May 15.

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